Standardisation Project for Optical Techniques of Strain Measurement



A shared cost RTD project with European Commission’s Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme


(Contract No. G6RD-CT-2002-00856 ‘SPOTS’)

Completed December 2006



“optical measurements of engineering components for accurate design data”




Pre-normative research in the area of strain measurement using optical techniques is the purpose of the project.  These techniques use a non-contacting approach to the assessment of engineering artefacts subject to in-service loading.  The resultant comprehensive stress data allows lighter, stronger, more reliable and safer products to be designed with more certainty.  Recent progress in computer processing and chip-mounted optical sensors has led to rapid advances in optical metrology.  The project addresses the lack of norms, standards, and reference materials that are necessary if the full benefit of the new technology is to be realised.  The outputs from the project will be standard, optimised methodologies; physical and virtual reference materials; and recommended routes for traceability.  A unified approach to a range of optical techniques is being taken with partners both from across the innovation process and from a number of major industries including aerospace, automotive and microelectronics.  The eleven partners in the project come from seven different countries.




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SPOTS Standard for the calibration and evaluation of optical techniques for strain measurement




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